Morg Systems

Hi, I am Morg#.

Welcome to my personal website.

This site is powered by Neuron and hosted on GH pages. Built using VIM with the neuron.vim plugin.


I just like to write about stuff. It’s a bit of a mix between my own personal blog and just a place where I dump all kinds of notes and thoughts so I can retrieve them later.

The idea is to gather all kind of stuff and map it in a Zettelkasten that can be freely browsed / consulted at any time, by anyone.

Top Level topics of interest

If you are enjoying my site…

This is a really hacky site and I just write all kinds of stuff that goes through my mind, it’s just a hobby of mine. If other people enjoy reading it as much as I do writing it, then I’m very happy.

Nonetheless, if you want to show some support, you can tip me on my nano wallet:

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For a chronological list of zettels, see Full Timeline#