Morg Systems

Hi, I am Morg#.

Welcome to my personal website.

This site is powered by Neuron and hosted on GH pages. Built using VIM with the neuron.vim plugin.


I just like to write about stuff. It’s a bit of a mix between my own personal blog and just a place where I dump all kinds of notes and thoughts so I can retrieve them later.

The idea is to gather all kind of stuff and map it in a Zettelkasten that can be freely browsed / consulted at any time, by anyone.

How to browse this site

In the true spirit of the Zettelkasten ideology, you would expect this to be a collection of notes.

In reality, it’s more like a series of articles and blog posts I’ve spent hours curating to the point where I felt comfortable releasing them to the public.

On the other hand, I do write a lot of impulse drafts and walls of text on other sites and platforms (like reddit or discord). Not wanting to lose all the effort and time wasted on those types of posts, I’ve decided to collect them on here as well in a Notes# section.

Curated Articles

A note on Notes

DISCLAIMER - The Notes# can be rough and sometimes controversial. Until I get the time to clean them up and turn them into proper articles, expect literally anything from this section of my site.


For a chronological list of zettels, see Full Timeline#