As mentioned from the home page:

I do write a lot of impulse drafts and walls of text on other sites and platforms (like reddit or discord). Not wanting to lose all the effort and time wasted on those types of posts, I’ve decided to collect them here.

The majority of these notes and drafts are of my authoring, however sometimes I stumble upon some really interesting stuff written by other people that I want to note down or keep in mind to further expand on them in the future. In that case, I make sure to always attribute the original author as best as I can.

Keep in mind that while there is some minimal amount of curating for the tone, language, and lack of context, I try to keep it to a minimum. For this reason, a lot of these notes appear disconnected or rambling.

Each note has a generic topic and platform of origin, and as per zettelkasten best practices should always be linking to a parent note (or a top-level section like this one) for easier navigation.

You can look at these two platforms and their note aggregates:

Or you can browse the entry note topics timeline: