Doing exercises that ask you to fix incorrect Japanese

I’ve seen some teachers assign these kinds of absolutely evil and reprehensible exercises to their students. If you are a teacher and do this, you are a TERRIBLE teacher. There, I said it.


  • Absolutely none.


Literally everything. This is one of the worst things anyone could ever do to their language learning career. Especially for beginners, correcting a language that you don’t already know or have a “feel” for is impossible. What is actually going to happen is you get stuck on some incorrect or weird phrases and your brain might even subconsciously pick them up.

Conclusion: Absolutely do not do this. If you have a teacher that tells you to do this, you should show them this page or tell them to message me and I will talk to them myself. Seriously, I’m 100% serious here. It is a bad exercise, it hurts your language learning.