Report Week 01 May - 7 May 2022

This week has been… really something. I told myself I’d quickly go through YU-NO so I could spend the rest of Golden Week immersing in some other stuff but… turns out the VN was WAY longer than I expected (and that’s a good thing).

Visual Novels

Yep, this week has been full YU-NO (50+ hours), almost non-stop. I finally managed to finish it yesterday with 100% completion including a few extra endings but wow, what a ride.

Since last week, I though Mio’s route was going to be the most interesting / enjoyable one since it touched a lot of very specific mysteries that made the VN interesting for me. I was VERY wrong.

I don’t want to spoil too much but I’ll just say that what I thought was pretty much the end of the VN was pretty much just the beginning. After completing all the routes for all the different girls I thought it’d be over relatively quickly, however the “true” route actually takes you through a huge mindfuck rollercoaster and for almost the entire week I simply could not put it down one second. I’m glad I read this, and I’d recommend it to anyone, really.

On top of this, I just now started playing the first game of the Nonary Games series. I don’t have much of an opinion yet cause I just got through the first few puzzles but so far it seems interesting. Although after YU-NO I don’t think anything comes even close.


As a bit of side immersion to break out of the post-VN blues mood, I started playing the first game of the Trails of Cold Steel series. I’ve played Trails in the Sky before (in English) and it was moderately enjoyable although very long. This one so far seems good but also I heard it’s going to be incredibly long too, I don’t really expect to stick to it until the end, but we’ll see. So far I got only through the prologue.

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