Report Week 08 May - 14 May 2022

This week I’ve been focusing more on practicing output and output-related experiments, so I didn’t get quite as much time to read as I would’ve liked. It’s going to be a short report

Light Novels

I finally picked 鹿の王 back up from where I left it. I read a couple of long chapters and I’m now about 55% into the book.

The focus of the narrative for this part of the story has shifted from our original main character and we’re following ホッサル, some kind of doctor, and his entourage of people investigating this mysterious disease that spread around the miner labor camp, killing everybody.

We got some general insight on the various relationships between the characters (most of which I don’t recall the names of) but, most importantly, we got some real interesting tidbits of worldbuilding and background. We learned that our main character, ヴァン, was the leader of one of the rebellious groups involved in some battle against the empire. He rode into battle on top of a deer (hence the title of the book I guess?) and was very bloodthirsty and much feared by the empire. And obviously, fate has it that ヴァン is the one that gets to survive after being bitten by the black dogs and escaped the camp, and now ホッサル and his group have to chase him to be able to find out more about it and attempt developing a cure.

We also learned that this fated disease, similar to the black plague, had already spread in the past, 200+ years before, and was the ultimate cause of the fall of the great kingdom of the past. The breaking of this kingdom led to the fracturing of the various nations/countries, which later led to the various wars and conflicts that the empire is now involved in. We’ll see where this disease spreading once again will lead us in this story I guess. I’m excited to read more.

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